bigstraykitty (bigstraykitty) wrote in omg_trc,

Application Post

After thoroughly reading the rules listed in the user info, you may apply.

To apply, please comment here with:

Alternate Communication (AIM, Email, etc.):
Sample Journal Entry:

For the entry, I want something small, not too involved, but enough to let me know how you're going to play the character in this particular situation. Here's a sample entry. This includes IC... if I get more than one request, I'm going to want to grab the best person for the job! Have fun, though, and play it natural.

Applications should be answered within a week. I want players to keep things going in a timely fashion, and so I'll do the same.
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Name: easy_to_replace AKA Spider Munky -I can make a separate account too if needed-
Character: Yukito
Alternate Communication (AIM, Email, etc.): AIM- KitsubiHagamatsu
Sample Journal Entry: -Not quite sure how to do this, so if it's in any way weird then please feel free to let me know and I'll try to change it accordingly.-

I've just sent Sakura-hime and Syaoran-kun off to see the dimension witch. I truly hope that she can help them. At the moment, I must take care of Toya. He's been hit by an enemy's poisoned arrow. I know that he'll be fine, but I'm just worried. Where did they come from? I've never seen the likes of them in this peaceful country before. I'll have to do some research on the country's history-- kindly supplied by Syaoran's late father --later when Toya is asleep. For now, he needs his medicine.

>_>;; Hope that's right......
I was going to apply, but I just can't seem to do OOC!Kurogane. It hurts me. XD

I wish you good luck though, and I'll watch the community!
Well, if you get the urge to join us with some other character, feel free to apply!
Name: Asakihe
Character: OOC Fai
Alternate Communication: AIM- Asakihe Email-
Sample Journal Entry:

I remembered when some random person looked at me weird, telling me that I looked pissed off. Well, duh, I'm always pissed off. I don't see why this fact bothered her so much. She then started rambling about how I might have a fever to cause me to act this way. I merely growled at her. I can tell she was taken aback by this, but she continued talking anyways. God, I wanted her to shut up so badly!

Finally, I decided to smile. If we weren't at the entrance of a washroom, all normal human kind would freeze. Maybe, just maybe, if I smile I can scare her. However, she just smiled back happily, indicating that my fever is probably gone now. She stalked off as I growled after her.

Then, a kid came along, looking at me with this overly shocked expression. "Fai-san...?"

I kicked him.


Eek! I just noticed how long that was...sorry. >_> I hope this is okay. (Why must I suck?!)